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Meet The Team

Alfonso Garcia Bello
Medical Director of Renaissance Research
and Medical Group
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Yanet Alvarez
Site Director of Renaissance Research and Medical Group
Sheyla Castillo
ARNP Aesthetic Injector

We are here for you.

The French word "Renaissance," translating to "rebirth," brings forth a set of ideals and values that we honor very deeply. It was an age in human history with a flowering respect for culture, knowledge and the arts.


 Today, we aim to continue this growth in everything we do, to the way we sculpt and beautify, and the way we train and learn. 

Our goal, is to present you to the most confident version of yourself, the one that struts out with head held high. We do so by providing the best education and expertise about aesthetic products and procedures, led by a team we are immensely proud of. 


Quality is our uncompromising principle -- quality in products, quality in relationships, and quality in people. We invite you to visit us in our beautiful city of Cape Coral, to relax and rejuvenate in our superb amenities. At Renaissance, you're in the best of hands.

Renaissance Rejuvenating Medicine logo
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Our Services

Our experienced board--certified professionals offer a wide range of skincare treatments. We use modern procedures such as dermal fillers, HydraFacial, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), microneedling, Botox, thread-lifts, chemical peels and more.

We are also a Research Medical team with full-time study coordinators, assistant coordinators, pharmacists, regulatory specialists, and CCRC's with the experience to ensure that your health and safety are always first and foremost. 

Mary Bellerive
Laser Technician and Esthetician
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