elōs ™ Plus

Elos™ Plus is a superior laser hair removal system designed for permanent hair reduction. Elos Plus effectively removes hair of all colors and is the fastest and most gentle way to remove unwanted hair, while providing the highest level of safety, comfort, and efficiency to help you achieve your goals.

Using state-of-the-art features, the Elos technology has chilled contact cooling that works directly with the RF energy. It combines optical and Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver satisfying, longer-lasting results. With this technology, patients can enjoy the results they desire regardless of the color of their hair, type of hair, or skin type.

Due to its Radiofrequency technology, hair follicles are treated above and deep below the skins’ surface. The result can be seen immediately in the reduction of hair growth –with optimal results after several treatments.


About the treatment:

A thorough consultation with our Laser Hair Removal specialist will determine how many treatments are necessary to achieve your desired results. While Elos Plus delivers laser with minimal discomfort, our clients have a choice to ask for topical numbing cream prior to the treatment for an additional cost. Treatment times last anywhere from several seconds for smaller areas like chin and lips and can take up to 30 minutes for larger areas like legs or backs. Clients can expect minimal swelling and redness in the treatment area that usually subsides within 1-2 days after the treatment. We recommend purchasing our Post Laser At-Home skin care system to ensure clients comfort and achieve maximum results.


elōs ™ Plus Sublative Resurfacing

Sublative Rejuvenation with our Elos Plus system is a unique procedure which uses radio frequency to deliver an effective but controlled ablative and non-ablative fractional treatment for wrinkles, scars, large pores and better texture of the skin.


By delivering radiofrequency energy, there are dramatic, deep tissue improvements with minimal impact on the surface layer of your skin. Sublative creates a controlled skin injury in order to stimulate a wound healing response. By creating a wound healing response, collagen is reproduced and strengthened immediately and continuously for immediate and long lasting results. 


By strengthening and producing collagen, Sublative Rejuvenation Laser resurfacing, can reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes, acne scars and large pores. 


About the Treatment:

Because of the deep tissue penetration, Sublative procedures use a topical numbing anesthetic to ensure the patients’ comfort. The Sublative procedure lasts between 15-20 minutes. Clients’ typically need 1-2 days of downtime post procedure. Client’s can expect edema/erythema (minimal swelling and redness) as an immediate side effect that usually subsides fully within 5-7 days. We suggest clients use our recommended Post Laser At-Home skincare system to ensure their comfort and help enhance results following the procedure. 

 elōs ™ Plus Photofacial (IPL)

IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light, a popular treatment that treats broken capillaries ("spider veins") and hyperpigmentation ("age spots") caused by age and sun damage. IPL also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which plumps up the skin and gives you a fresher look.

SRA (IPL Treatments):  Uses broad-spectrum wavelengths of light energy to offer a safe and effective intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment. The treatment combines optical and radiofrequency energy to address pigmentation concerns. IPL is also known as photo rejuvenation or a photo facial. 


IPL treatments are designed to provide amazing color correcting benefits. This treatment may be ideal for you if you suffer from red or brown discoloration on the surface of the skin caused by prominent blood vessels and sun exposure. Sun spots, age spots, rosacea, broken capillaries and spider veins are commonly treated with IPL. 


SRA can be done alone or combined with other Aesthetic treatments for a 360° approach on addressing skin care concerns or aging skin. 


About the treatment:


In order to ensure our clients comfort, a topical numbing aesthetic is applied prior to procedure. The procedure takes anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. There is no downtime to this procedure, however clients will notice a temporary darkening effect to the treated area that may be hard to cover with makeup. Once the darkening effect has subsided clients will notice the area treated is less visible than before the treatment. The number of treatments needed is decided by various factors. A consultation with our Laser Technician will determine a treamtment plan that is right for you. 





elōs ™ Plus-Laser Hair Removal

 Areas include:

  • Upper Lip

  • Chin

  • Sideburn's Cheeks

  • Between Eyebrowns

  • Toes

  • Fingers

  • Happy Trail

  • Tops of Feet

  • Bikini

  • Armpits

  • Back of Neck

  • Half Arm

  • Brazilian

  • Chest

  • ABS

  • Upper Back

  • Lower Back

  • Lower Legs

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elōs ™ Plus Photofacial (IPL)

Great for Treating :

  • sun spots

  • age spots

  • rosacea

  • broken capillaries 

  • spider veins 

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elōs ™ Plus Sublative Resurfacing

Great for Treating:

  • reducing facial wrinkles

  • skin irregularities

  • blemishes

  • acne scars

  • large pores

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